See what some of our contractors are saying

No matter what the profession, Sound Glass has helped design spaces to fit the unique requirements for each customer. Glass is a major component of any building. We also provide translucent glazing for exterior and interior applications. Glazing for sound control, interior conference rooms and lobby’s. Custom work is welcome.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

Mountain Construction

“Sound Glass is a valued subcontractor who has been instramental to the success of many our signature projects. Just one example is the 1st LEED Platinum building in Washington. Sound Glass helped us use the very latest glazing technology as part of achieving that rating. Most important, we trust Sound Glass for their integrity and dedication to high quality and performance.”

Larry Fockler, President
Mountain Construction.

Rushforth Construction

Sound Glass has been an integral partner in many of my projects of multiple construction types over the past many years. As a project manager at Rushforth Construction, I look to subcontractors as team members who wholly grasp their scope, not just what the plans and specifications identify. It has been my pleasure to work with Sound Glass on these multiple occasions and I have found them to be the go to team member that best describes a complete grasp of scope from fit and finish to budget and timeline. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable subcontractor in the performance and execution of glazing and storefront assemblies.

S. Cable Stokes