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Sound Glass provides replacement windows for existing homes or windows for new construction. We offer Vinyl, Wood, Aluminum and Fiberglass products suited for any application. You can order your windows to be delivered to your job site or have Sound Glass AAMA certified employees install your windows. Sound Glass showrooms are the place to shop, come and visit us today Tacoma and Bremerton come and visit us today.


Vinyl windows available for replacement in Tacoma, WA

Vinyl Windows

Today’s vinyl windows offer more than just double glazing. New technologies provide greater energy savings, comfort and design options than ever before. They are affordable and care free for the home owner. The correct windows can lower winter heating bills and reduce overheating in the summer. Selecting the right window means balancing different features for the best combination of performance and style. Sound Glass is committed to helping you through this process.

Sound Glass is a Milgard certified dealer, which offers a lifetime warranty on their windows for the original buyer. We also represent Ply Gem and other trusted manufacturers.

White and Almond vinyl frame colors have dominated the market place. Many manufactures now offer a variety of colors for the exterior of the windows and give home owners decorating options.

List of our Vinyl manufacturer(s):

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Wood Windows

Sound Glass is the Loewen Window Center of the South Puget Sound Region. Loewen windows are a premiere product for the discriminating buyer. Now offering Milgard Essence Windows. Sound Glass is one of few dealers in the Washington State that is certified to sell and install this prestigious line; energy efficient and durable for the Pacific North West.

Wood windows offer warmth, beauty and efficiency for all homes. An aluminum clad exterior option provides owners with care free protection for the wood and a large variety of colors.

We also represent other wood window manufacturers including Andersen and Lindal.

List of our Wood manufacturer(s):

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Fiberglass Windows

When you first look at a fiberglass window, you might think you’re looking at an all-wood window. That’s no coincidence. Fiberglass windows and replacement fiberglass windows are designed to match the beauty and profile of solid wood windows, while providing the strength, durability and performance of fiberglass windows. The fiberglass production process makes it so the complex profiles required for the look of painted wood windows on the exterior, with the option of choosing fiberglass or natural wood for the interior. We represent Milgard and Andersen in this market.

Fiberglass and Fibrex windows offer new efficiencies and a choice of colors. Let Sound Glass help you through this new innovative process.

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