Multi-Slide Door and Window Systems

Multi-Slide Systems

Elegant Presentation and Beauty

Multi-slide systems feature several panels that slide either within a wall or cleanly over another panel without compromising beauty and presentation. They are well suited to give areas of your home such as your patio an elegant and clean appearance. 

Patio door

Multi-Slide Patio Doors

What are Multi-Slide Patio Doors? Multi-slide patio doors featuring three or more panels with operable panels that easily glide open that either stack or slide into a wall pocket. These doors save floor space by opening from side to side rather than swinging inward or outward. Sound Glass highlights many different manufactures in this arena; Fleetwood's aluminum bifold and multi-slide doors, Loewen doors, Milgard, Andersen, LaCantina, Nana Wall and others offer clad wood options for these.

Multi slide patio glass doors

Multi-Slide Windows Doors

Multi-slide windows create more air circulation since both sashes open and close by gliding panels to the left and right. Since sliding windows do not open outward, they are ideal for rooms near plants, shrubs, trees, and walkways.

Aluminum multi-slide windows

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