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Whether you require window maintenance, replacement windows for existing homes, or windows for new construction, Sound Glass will be your trusted partner and provide the exceptional service and high-quality products you deserve.

From vinyl to wood, and fiberglass to aluminum, we offer a variety of window options to match any application or project. We ship directly to your jobsite, or our skilled American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) certified specialists can install your windows. Either way, you’ll receive stunning windows that make a statement.

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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have come a long way over the years. They still help homeowners save money by keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but today’s vinyl windows now go beyond simple double-glazing. Modern technologies allow for greater energy savings, comfort, and design options than ever before.

Sound Glass has many dealer partnerships with the best of the best in the world of windows and there are most options than you can dream of. Connect with a Sound Glass specialist today to find out which one is best for you and your home.

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Aluminum Windows

We partner with someone of the best and most elegant manufacturers for windows. Check out some of the amazing products we carry at our showroom and we would be happy to show you our latest offerings. 


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Wood Windows

Not only do we offer exceptional wood window maintenance, we also provide selections from Loewen.

Wood windows are a triple threat—they offer warmth, beauty, and energy efficiency. An aluminum clad exterior option gives owners carefree protection for the wood and comes in a large variety of colors.

Wood frame swing open windows in kitchen

Fiberglass Windows

When you first look at a fiberglass window, you might think you’re looking at a wood window. That’s because fiberglass windows are designed to match the beauty and profile of solid wood windows while providing the strength, durability, and performance of fiberglass windows. The fiberglass production process creates the look of painted wood windows on the exterior, with the option of choosing fiberglass or natural wood for the interior.

Fiberglass and Fibrex windows offer new efficiencies and come in a selection of colors. Partner with Sound Glass, and we can help you navigate this innovative process.

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Sound Glass is excited to offer Fibrex, a composite material invented by Andersen Windows. Fibrex is known for its superior strength and performance when exposed to extreme temperatures. South Puget Sound is no stranger to fluctuating weather, making Fibrex a great option for homeowners and contractors in this area. Plus, Fibrex is made of reclaimed wood fiber and PVC polymer, which means it won’t flake, blister, or fade.

Learn more about Fibrex Windows from Andersen by visiting their website here.


Clad Windows

Extruded Aluminum
Strength & Durability

Loewen clad engineering creates  strength and durability, enabling dramatic design, innovation and inspiration. Loewen Clad and Wood fenestration products use coastal Douglas Fir or Mahogany in frames and sashes. They tend to be low maintenance and has the ultimate in strength, performance and finish longevity. Loewen uses only pre-finished extruded aluminum cladding to better protect window and door exteriors and eliminate the need for painting.

Or go for the traditional full wood window - we feature Lowen and Andersen in this arena. 

Loewen provides Coastal Douglas Fir as our standard because it is the best species for luxury projects. Coastal Douglas Fir is the premium grade of Douglas Fir, being the strongest and most durable of all the soft woods. Douglas Fir has a rich, warm texture, it is also remarkably tough and resilient. 

  • The strength of Coastal Douglas Fir lies in its high natural resistance to moisture absorption, decay, and insect infestation
  • Coastal Douglas Fir out-performs other Douglas Fir species and vastly outperforms other soft wood species (such as pine, etc.)
  • Solid Coastal Douglas Fir is our standard where it is an upgrade for others; when offered as an upgrade, many of our competitors typically only provide it as a thin veneer over lesser materials
Andersen has offered wood windows for over 100 years. They use wood for strength and rigidity in their frames and sash, beauty on our interiors and its overall thermal performance is hard to beat. Where Andersen leads the industry is the variety of ways that their wood is protected. Each wood product is clad to resist the elements and provide a low-maintenance exterior that never needs painting.
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