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Puget Sound Energy Windows Rebate

Get up to $750 back on new, energy-efficient windows

Inefficient windows may increase your energy use and cost you money. PSE’s windows rebate can help.
Only homes with existing single-pane windows qualify for the ENERGY STAR® window incentive. The ENERGY STAR window incentive does not apply to homes with existing double-pane windows. You must have existing single-pane, wood- or metal-framed windows or patio doors to qualify for this incentive.

What you get

If you're eligible for this offer, you’ll receive a rebate of $50 per window, up to a $750 maximum.

window icon
Pre-existing window type
Single-pane* wood- or metal-framed windows
rebates requirements
Rebate value
$50 per window, up to $750 total
energy star
Incentive available
ENERGY STAR windows with a U-factor of .30 or lower

*Single-pane windows: Window casing containing one pane of glass separating the inside


To check if you qualify or to apply visit PSE's website for more details.

$25 ShowerGuard® Rebate

When you purchase a shower enclosure with ShowerGuard glass from a registered ShowerGuard Dealer you can submit a claim for a $25 rebate.

Visit Guardian Glass to apply and for more details.